Welcome to MAMPCO  Group. 

Masad Al Mutery and Partners Limited (MAMPCO) has been serving the western province of Saudi Arabia for over 33 years.


We seek to achieve our aims by hard work and persistence to reach targeted Excellence to be on the purity of the leading companies in the field of trade & general contracting.

The way to success, Excellence, performance, quality control in high level, has been prepared by technical planning and scientific experience using international technology with updating following careful execution and continuous engineering follow-up. This is from the main and essence factors of success of the leading and prosperous companies.

33 years of experience and continuous work had passed. In those, we faced types of hinderers and difficulties the companies go through in their way to development and progress. But by the bless of Allah, we could overcome them with persistence and insistence to succeed and seek hardly to fulfill objectives and plans we set by our programs that advance our company for the Enrichment in the prosperity of our country›s economy and community service.

Our Team

Masad Al Mutery Est was founded by Sheik Masad Al Mutery in 1988.
Masad Al Mutery Est. incorporated 33 years later in 2007 and changed its name
MASAD AL MUTERY & PARTNER LTD. (MAMPCO). In 2018 Company archived CLASS 1 in Road, Bridges and Dam CLASS 2 in Infrastructure and CLASS 3 in Buildings by his continuously complete the project on time and with high safety and Quality works.

Masad Al Mutery


Mohana Al Mutairi


Hani Al Mutairi

operation director

Elsabig Mekki


Our happy Clients

Our commitment and unmatched services in the construction industry with our Clients leads MAMPCO’s  transformation in all approaches, esteemed provider of quality works and one of the best Organization in the region of Makkah and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Why Choose Us

For over three decades (33 years) in the construction business industry, we provide quality of works, competent and standard project costing, and Client satisfaction of every project that MAMPCO has engaged and work on.

MAMPCO delivers our Clients with the latest construction technology and machinery with the proper handling of our Technical Expert Engineers in Project and Construction Management wise including IT backup expertise of documentations competing into the international level standards.


Our commitment and unmatched services in the construction with our Clients leads MAMPCO’s transformation in all approaches with esteemed provider of quality works.


The Company was established in 1988 by Chairman
Shayk Masad Mutery

and started the operation
in the Region of Makkah KSA.


As one of the best companies in the region and in the Kingdom, MAMPCO has competed and having a Joint Venture of works with International Firms in the Construction business industry.


As a Local Owned Construction Company, we deliver and provided international standards in quality of works within the allocated project budgeted cost and Client satisfaction.


Masad Al Mutery Co Ltd. is seeking a leadership of engineering projects execution in the buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, water projects sewage networks, mining, rock cutting and stabilization fields to achieve and accompany the regional and international development of the projects execution and participate in the construction and development according to the Vision


Construction Design & Build

With our devoted and professional Technical Engineering Experts, MAMPCO has exposed in Construction Design and Build.

Bulk Excavation, Drilling & Blasting

MAMPCO has engaged in different bulk excavation with the use of uncounted new model of excavators, bulldozers, drilling machines including expert operators on every unit of heavy equipment.

Infrastructure Works

The Company loves explosive works but as a top contender in the region, MAMPCO has expanded the line of expertise in different Infrastructure Works.

Hotel And Building Construction

MAMPCO has explored once more the construction of hotels and buildings. And as a result of market demand, we provided uncounted hotels and buildings that are all operational up to this time after the handling and passing the key to every Client.