MAMPCO Crushers facility has the capability to produce different sizes of aggregates, rocks and rock armour as per specific customers’ specifications and quantity requirements. All rock production fully complies with the appropriate International Standards. The production process involves a series of specialized stages depending upon which product is to be supplied. MAMPCO have 27+ years’ experience in this field which has resulted in our procedures being both efficient and cost effective.

400 Ton Hour Production Capacity.


MAMPCO has its own manufacturing and producing plants of asphalt. We design asphalt pavement and provide to the market to help different localities in the Kingdom, including the beneficiaries and other stakeholders for more efficient & fastest way of transportation.

Stone Crusher 400 Ton Hour Production Capacity.

Infrastructure Works

The Company loves explosive works but as a top contender in the region, MAMPCO has expanded the line of expertise in different Infrastructure Works.

A reality that comes true through the construction of different bridges, roads, utility lines for mechanical and electrical in the different regions in Saudi Arabia that makes our client satisfied with our rendered professionalism and quality of services provided in all Company project execution of works.

Construction Design and Build

With our devoted and professional Technical Engineering Experts, MAMPCO has exposed in Construction Design and Build.

The Company offers a one-stop-shop proforma to every Client’s desire in construction with addressing and conceptualizing individual needs. As part of the Construction Design and Build, MAMPCO is accountable in each phase of construction until the last part of handing over the project.


With best Service and function combined together
with our expert
Drilling & Blasting team.

The Company had its very own License Blasting Engineer that operates and authorizes by the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Apart from having the Kingdom wide experiences, the Company has sent to different trainings Abroad in upgrading profession in the mine tunneling and other explosive operations.

FURUKAWA          17

TAMROCK             22


VOLVO:           700           7             

                         480          113             

                         460          39             

                         240          29             

                         210          10 

LIBHERR         982          1


CATERPILLAR         D9     4                 

                                D10     4

KOMATSU              375      2

Weal Loader, Grader & Asphalt Paver


GRADER                  H14      8

VOGELE PAVER      4        

& Rolls

HAMM                     8


Dump & Triller

MERCEDES        120

VOLVO                20

SUV & Sedan Vehicles

SUV       110

SEDAN    55