Zakher Development Project
( Jabal AlSayedah)
Zakher for Investment & real Estate development

Scope of work is to all works required for rocky cut, excavation works to the base levels of settling floor of the Zakher project in the central area/jabal AlSedi with area of 300.00m (area B)as per levels described in the engineering executive plans of as well as establishing roads by forming floors as per designs with layers of backfilling and cut works and all required licenses from competent authorities.

342.000.000, six phases

Al Ejabah Project , at AlMaabdah
area- Holy Makkah (Al Ejabah Co.)

Carrying out leveling works in the project site, establishing roads by rocky cutting and using explosions, transporting excavation outlets to the general Landfill as per the Holy capital city conditions as per the packages, designs, and the reference net balance of the site and that shall include the provision of equipment, labors, technical staff from engineers, surveyors and all other requirements as well as the modifications

33.000.000 Saudi Riyals

Jabal Khandamah Development
His Royal Highness AbdulAziz Bin Fahd
and His Royal Highness AbdulAziz
Bin Abdullah

Scope of work is to do all works of infrastructure, levelling of rocky cut , fixing slanting of spares, levelling of floors of Jabal Khandmah project phase 1 in Makkah and that includes providing materials, equipment, labors and all requirement to carry out and complete works maintenance related to the contract, as well as temporary, additional and complementary works and amendments required by the developer as per the contract conditions and documents.

150.000.000 Saudi riyals for the first phase

Jabal Omar Development, demolition and removal phase

Removal of all real states, buildings, houses, old towers located in Jabal Omar pursuant to the Royal orders issued by that in the limits of 1700 properties, work completed by the use of equipment and explosions under the supervision of weapon department and doing required coordinations with competent authorities from municipalities , management of AlHaram Affairs and civil defense.

134.777.000 Saudi Riyals for the first phase

Jabal Omar Development, first phase for rocky cut works in Jabal Omar

Commencing works of levelling by rocky cutting using equipment & machinery , explosions and perforation to start with the first phase after removal of properties to secure pilgrims safety in the central area and prepare to commence the second phase of development pursuant to the general plan of the higher authority of Makkah region development and the capability of rocky cut quantities in estimated quantities which is million cubic meters.

43.340.000 Saudi Riyals

King AbdulAziz devote beside the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah

Scope of work includes levelling works to the rocky cut until reaching to the level of the devote area base with its space areas levels as per maps , and executive plans in the same site to be established for amount of 120.000 cubic meter and that shall include slant supporting works.

127.432.000 Saudi Riyals.

Strategic central tanks in Taif ( AlHalaqah-Qurwat AlSail)

Details: Commencing works of levelling by rocky cutting for three mountain sites ( AlHalaqah-Qurwat AlSail) for Water General Directorate in Taif and Makkah using equipment & machinery , explosions and this includes doing all works of infrastructure works required and levelling of rocky cut , fixing slant of cutting and site floor levelling.

26.097.000 Saudi Riyals

Civil Defense Stadium in Jeddah

Supply heavy equipment for relief and removal of storm water and rain water effects occurred in Jeddah 1431 H according to the contract signed between our company and the general directorate of expenses (relief committee in Jeddah) in the Ministry of Finance.

45.000.000 Saudi Riyals

Excavation works and rocky cut
in AlMasfalah .. repeated location

Execution of rocky cutting works, leveling of the site floor reaching to the basic levels of 21 towers according to the design level of the hotel establishments and that includes water Suction works, supporting rocky slanting works under a separate contract, making safety measures because the site is in the central area near to AlHaram, by meeting all provisions set by the competent governmental authorities upon working in the central area.

137.500.000 Saudi Riyals

Leveling works, levels’ adjustment, excavations, roads leveling to establish Holy sites Train

Carrying out rocky cutting works as per survey plans issued by the consultant and the owner for ground leveling to receive works of carrying out real ways track establishing of Holy sites Train and transporting debris to the general landfills in Makkah with leveling the boarding station at Mozdalifah Holy site, carrying out Asphalt works in many locations in the Holy sites in parallel with the train lane/ track and boarding and getting off stations as well as leveling works at pilgrims boarding station at Jamratt.

85.000.000 Saudi Riyals